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What are you looking for?

Video and photo are fantastic tools to boost your business and improve brand awareness and engagement. Take a look at some past examples of work we have produced for clients.

Promote Your Business

Direct Style

Works brilliantly for directly explaining and engaging with your customers or followers, helping to humanise and bring a more personal sense to your brand or business.

Highlights style

Highlights are a fantastic way to give an overview of the options that you can offer clients and customers in a short and engaging way. This type of content can easily double up as social videos and ads too!

Interview style

A great way of naturally combining the direct and testimonial techniques. Create an informative and detailed style that can really help to bolster your brand.

Story style

Take your viewers on a journey with your business by creating story focused content that will help engage and interest clients.

Customer Testimonials

Show new customers and clients the real power of your business, with real testimonials.

Social Media

Need a project specifically tailored to social media? We can repurpose any of our above styles to fit social media but some campaigns need extra attention during production to make it perfectly tailored to a specific social media algorithm.

Event Coverage


Show off a culmination of all the best bits of your events with a highlights video to show what your customers or clients have been missing out on!

Raise awareness or use as an advertisement for future events

Full Coverage

Longer videos that has a range of possibilities to help improve your brand awareness and engagement. Use as an advert or sell the content your customers.


Perfect for talks, presentations, classes & live shows

Other Services


At Poole Camera Creations every product is catered to your needs and style. The styles demonstrated above are simply guidelines and frequently used techniques with proven success at relaying company missions. If you want a more specific or different style than those seen above, you can drop us a message and together we’ll help you to achieve your business goals.

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