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Do I need a Videographer for my Wedding?

We often come across this as a question from our friends, families and clients.. the short answer is no.

When it comes to weddings, there isn’t much you NEED other than you, your partner and all the legal bits that go with it.

Videography Camera Macro Close up

Photographers & Videographers are a fantastic addition to your day that will help create lasting memories that you can share with your friends, family and even children! Whether you choose to have an extravagant day or an intimate one, inevitably it is a day that will fly by.

When planning our own wedding, this was one of the most important factors for us. We know the pressure and the expectations and above all, we knew what we wanted!

We had the benefit of having the experience of many of our family and friends already having been through the planning process and out the other end of it, which allowed us to learn from what didn’t quite go to plan for them.

For example, I know how much my sister now regrets not having a Videographer. As a family we have always joked about her terrible memory, but what makes me sad about this is she desperately wants to remember it.

Many times, she has told us that given the opportunity again, she would have chosen to have a Videographer as well as a Photographer because the day just went so quickly. With all the adrenaline (and often stress) of the big day, it’s incredible how many things are so easily forgotten even after all the months spent planning.

Sadly, their wedding was prior to myself & Jimmy having met, otherwise she wouldn’t have been given a choice and everything would have been documented! (I honestly can’t take him anywhere without a camera being attached to him)

Jimmy loving life in Pompeii, camera in hand at all times..

When it comes to answering the question of needing a Videographer for your wedding, I would advise you to think about a few things:

· What it is you want to be able to remember of the day?

· Do you want to see what your guests got up to whilst you weren’t there? (Maybe you will be busy getting ready or having your photos taken with your new husband or wife)

· Do you want an extra layer of context to your day, to see all the little bits that happened between one photo to another?

If the answer is yes, then definitely do some research, find examples of styles you like and go from there...

If the answer is no, then I guess you have your answer too.

Weddings are subjective and innately personal; therefore, every aspect of your wedding should be what you want from it. The choice really is yours!

Good Luck!

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