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Top Wedding Photography and Videography Trends

Updated: Jun 20

Planning your wedding and want to make sure your photos are on-trend and timeless? As wedding photographers and videographers, we know how important it is to capture those special moments perfectly. Wedding photography is all about blending creativity with authenticity and vibrant aesthetics. Let’s dive into the top wedding photography trends for 2024 that will ensure your big day is remembered beautifully.


Documentary-Style Photography

Documentary-style photography is all about capturing the real, unposed moments of your wedding day. This trend focuses on storytelling, allowing photographers to document the day as it unfolds naturally. It’s popular because couples want their wedding photos to reflect genuine emotions and candid interactions. This style often incorporates natural, earthy tones that add to the authenticity.

Tips for Achieving This Style:

  • Trust your photographer and let them blend into the background.

  • Focus on enjoying your day rather than posing for pictures.

  • Choose a photographer experienced in documentary-style shoots.

Black and white image of friends and family sat at a table raising their glasses in celebration

Editorial and Fashion-Inspired Shoots

Inspired by high-end fashion magazines, editorial-style wedding photography is gaining popularity in recent years. This trend brings a touch of glamour to your wedding album, with a focus on dramatic poses, lighting, and settings. It’s perfect for couples looking to add a stylish, sophisticated edge to their wedding photos. Think bold colours, luxurious fabrics, and fashion-forward poses.

Posing Tips for Couples:

  • Work with your photographer to plan dramatic and elegant poses.

  • Consider the setting and wardrobe for a cohesive look.

  • Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner model – confidence is key!


An image of elegant but extravagant gilded table and chairs, covered in a light tablecloth and covered with floral arrangements, glassware and candles with a chandelier and large bright windows

Cinematic Videography

Cinematic videography is transforming wedding videos into mini-movies, complete with storytelling, stunning visuals, and emotional music. This trend is all about creating a film-like experience that captures the essence of your wedding day in a breath-taking way. Cinematic videography often features rich, vibrant colours and dramatic lighting to enhance the emotional impact.

Techniques for a Cinematic Look:

  • Use of slow-motion and aerial shots.

  • Professional colour grading to enhance the mood.

  • Story-driven editing to create a narrative flow.

Black and white close up photograph of someone wearing a suit and writing on a heart shaped wooden token as a wedding keepsake


Drone Photography and Videography

Drone photography and videography offer a unique perspective, capturing breath-taking aerial shots of your wedding venue and surrounding landscape. This trend is becoming more and more popular for its ability to add a dramatic flair to wedding albums and videos. Aerial shots can highlight the natural beauty of outdoor venues with vibrant greens, blues, and other natural colours.

Advantages of Aerial Shots:

  • Capture the full beauty of your venue.

  • Add variety to your wedding photos and videos.

  • Create memorable, unique perspectives.

Legal Considerations for Drone use:

  • Ensure your photographer or videographer is licensed and knows the regulations.

  • Discuss any restrictions with your venue beforehand.

A drone overhead image of a heavily wooded area, with a field section and path down the middle

Vibrant and Bold Editing Styles

Vibrant and bold editing styles are taking over wedding photography over the last few years, moving away from the traditional soft and muted tones. This trend enhances the colours and details, making every photo pop and feel alive. Expect to see rich jewel tones, bright florals, and high-contrast images that stand out.

How to Communicate Your Preferences:

  • Share examples of editing styles you like with your photographer.

  • Discuss your vision and be open to their creative input.

  • Ensure the editing style matches the overall theme of your wedding.

A bride in a wedding dress, holding a very bold and bright bouquet of flowers directly in front of her

Intimate and Candid Moments

Capturing intimate and candid moments remains a timeless trend, emphasizing the real connections and emotions of your wedding day. In recent years, photographers are focusing more on these authentic moments, providing a genuine and natural feel to your wedding album. This trend often uses soft, warm tones to highlight the emotion and intimacy of the moment.

Techniques for Capturing Candid Shots:

  • Photographers often use longer lenses to stay unobtrusive.

  • Encouraging guests to act naturally without looking at the camera.

  • Creating a relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

How to Facilitate Candid Shots:

  • Be yourself and enjoy the moment.

  • Interact naturally with your partner and guests.

  • Trust your photographer to capture the magic.

A candid and intimate black and white image of a bride and groom kissing with the brides hand around the neck of the groom

Wedding photography trends in recent years are all about authenticity, creativity, and capturing the essence of your special day with vibrant and bold styles. Whether you prefer the documentary style, editorial shoots, or vibrant edits, there’s a trend to match your personality and vision. Ready to create beautiful memories? Contact us to book a consultation or browse our portfolio for more inspiration. Let’s make your wedding day unforgettable!

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